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Curtis Dunlap and Richard Straw

Sundown Lights

intermittent shade
in the windmill blades
desert sun

faded billboard cowboy
a hitchhiker's new friend

wind-blown sombrero—
the drifter pockets
his tattered beret

waving toward a bus
la madre y el bebé
and honey mesquite*

squeaking wheels silenced
by an air brake hush

lush saguaro
and a nectar-feeding bat
taillights disappear

Rhyme-rengay (Composed September 2007)
    *The Spanish phrase means "the mother and the baby."

Sketchbook - Vol. 3, No. 9 (September 30, 2008)


Richard Straw and Curtis Dunlap 

A Cup of Cold Water

seeds sown
in a backyard washout
deaf to reason                              

a flooded cemetery
raising the dead    

pods for swine
      a prodigal son
eyes black clouds                           

a hobo shouting
"Repent! Repent!"  

bread cast upon waters
and boats swamped by waves   

a rainbow spanning
the hurricane's eye—
sirens fill the streets

Began 10/29/2007 - Completed 11/08/2007

Lynx XXIII:1 February 2008